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                You are here:Home > About JSD > Company Introduction

                Founded in 2003,JSD Circuit is the leading manufacturer of prototypes and small-volume 澳门财神娱乐app in China.
                JSD Circuit “Delivery in time” characteristic has won widely recognition from its market. JSD Circuit’ products are extensively used in communications,network, industrial control, computer applications, and national defense, aerospace and medical fields. JSD Circuit has become the preferred prototype supplier of Huawei and ZTE, and does business with many industry-recognized domestic and foreign companies. In so doing, we have successfully established the “JSD” brand all over the world.
                JSD Circuit can process more than 180 different part numbers in any one day! More than 65% of our current orders are from oversea. with a monthly capacity of 5000 square meters of laminate production we have lots of capacity to grow. The company employees over 200 staff members. Of the 200, we have 42 for the engineering team, all with rich experience.

                With an efficient management team and a dedicated workforce, JSD Circuit strives to give our customers the best service from all aspects of our business. We have continued to grow year by year and have invested heavily in new machinery and instruments to allow us to keep pace with leading edge technology and ever increasing demands of our customers. We will continue to invest in the future, working with our customers to identify their needs and requirements, constantly listening and supply cost-effective solution and products to their problems.

                JSD person believe and keep moving:
                "Customers first, fast and efficient, continuous innovation, and grow together."
                "Train first-class employees ,make first-class products, provide first-class service, and establish first-class image."