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                You are here:Home > Products > FR4
                • 0.1mm laser drill and expoxy plugged
                  0.1mm laser drill and expoxy plugged
                • 3mil HDI 20 layer
                  3mil HDI 20 layer
                • 3oz 10 layer
                  3oz 10 layer
                • 30u inch gold finger
                  30u inch gold finger
                • 30u inch plating gold
                  30u inch plating gold
                • Half PTH
                  Half PTH
                • Halogen Free 4 layer
                  Halogen Free 4 layer
                • Silver 6layer
                  Silver 6layer
                • small pcb panel
                  small pcb panel
                • TG180 4layer
                • vias plugged to silver cond
                  vias plugged to silver cond