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                You are here:Home > Service
                Quick turn Service:
                Double sides: 24 hours
                4 layers: 48 hours
                6 layers: 3 WD
                8 layers: 3 WD
                10 layers: 3 WD
                12 layers: 4 WD
                14 layers: 4 WD
                More than 16 layers: Up to difficulty
                Standard turn:
                Double sides: 4 WD
                4 layers: 5 WD
                6 layers: 6 WD
                8 layers: 7 WD
                10 layers: 8 WD
                12 layers: 8 WD
                14 layers: 9 WD
                More than 16 layers: Up to difficulty

                ? Quick response, JSD 澳门财神娱乐app will reply Customer's any enquiry within 3 hours;
                ? More than 180 type of 澳门财神娱乐app can be worked out Every day;
                ? 24 hours technique Support;
                ? 24 hours Engineering Gerber files treatment.
                ? 24 hours English Engineering Questions Confirmation by E-mail.
                ? Experienced Impedance Designer.
                ? Supply the best project fit for production customized
                More than 42 engineers, all with rich experience. Working by two shifts, treating the Engineer files 24 hours, providing our buyer technique support. We explore different kinds of CAM treatment software, which shorten the engineering inquiry and working time, optimize the production greatly. We will make out the best project fit for production customized, which will improve the reliability of our product, and shorten the product research and development period.

                Acceptable File:
                Gerber file(RS-274-X or RS-274-D with aperture list and drill files)、Protel、PADS、POWER澳门财神娱乐app、AutoCAD、ORCAD
                Software CAM: